Owned and operated by Dr. Attila Stewart

Dr. Stewart and his team are available to assist you with your pet’s emergencies when your primary care veterinarian is closed or unavailable.

Emergency Veterinarians

Dr. Attila Stewart was born and raised in the Toronto area. After graduating veterinary school in 2003 he moved shortly after to Newfoundland, Europe then to the United States where he practiced at larger veterinary emergency and referral hospital for small animals. He quickly realized he liked the high pace of emergency medicine and surgery. As he moved back to Ontario he started working in a variety of emergency clinics all over Ontario. In 2011 he started The Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto, following his vision to offer urgent care, diagnostics, and emergency surgical procedures in Etobicoke. He built his ER practice slowly focusing on high-quality care for every single patient but with a realistic approach. In 2015 he bought the Burlington Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital where the same approach is applied. Outside of the veterinary world, he loves any sport that will give him an adrenaline rush. You may find him mountain biking, rock climbing, kiteboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.  He also thoroughly enjoys scuba diving and would take any given chance to go snorkeling with his kids.


Dr. Camilla Amundsen is originally from Norway and graduated from Szent Istvan University in Budapest, 2003 with honor. Due to her love of travel, she has practiced and gained medical experience from several different countries. From sterilization programs for stray dogs in Turkey and Portugal to internal medicine externship and internship in Norway and USA. She has been in Canada since 2006 and worked at several small animal hospitals across southern Ontario before joining the West Toronto Emergency team in 2012. Over the years she has developed a keen interest in ultrasonography and is currently doing abdominal scans for our patients on an emergency basis. The ultrasound images are sent out to a board-certified radiologist for interpretation 24/7. Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Amundsen enjoys horseback riding, rock climbing, and hiking.

Dr. Rosemary Cullander is a 2014 graduate of the University of Glasgow Veterinary School where she developed a keen interest in the management and care of emergency and critical patients. Following graduation, she completed a one-year small animal medicine and surgery internship at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Center in Toronto. She has been a full time admitting and attending veterinarian with our team at the Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto since 2015. In her spare time, Dr. Cullander often cares for sick and injured neonatal kittens. Outside of veterinary medicine, she enjoys travel, cooking, gardening and mountain biking. She shares her home with 2 cats, 2 dogs and a rotating cast of recovering kittens. *(Picture coming soon)

Donia Pic

Dr. Donia Eino graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2003 and has been practicing in several small animal hospitals across the GTA over the years. Dr. Eino was happy to join the VEHWT in the spring of 2020. Outside of the hospital, Dr. Eino enjoys horseback riding, running, and curling up with a good book with her cat Nami (also an avid reader - she never misses an opportunity!).

Dr. Matthew Kornya has worked in several emergency practices throughout Southern Ontario, and has been with our team since 2015. He is originally from Welland, Ontario, and completed his undergraduate degree in Bio-Medical Science at the University of Guelph before graduating from the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. He completed an ABVP Feline Residency in 2019 and is now a Small Animal Internal Medicine resident at the Ontario Veterinary College.  He has had a lifelong love for cats and feline medicine with special interests in emergency medicine and hematology.  In his spare time, he enjoys reef aquarium keeping. He lives with his 6 cats and his cockatiel.


Dr. Doug Riddle

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Dr. Ekta Rattan

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Dr. Siobhan McGrath grew up in Ireland with dogs, cats and horses. She graduated from University College Dublin. During university she was heavily involved in the vet school choir and the One Health society. She also did a 1 year small animal rotating medicine and surgery internship at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Toronto where she gained strong experience in emergency medicine. She has been working at VEHWT since August, 2020. She currently lives with two furry friends: Abby (7 yr American bulldog) and Daisy (11 yr Labrador). In her free time she enjoys going for hikes with her dogs and travel.

Your pet may also be seen by one of our part time veterinarians: Dr. Katarina Michelini, Dr. Lauren Collins, Dr. Jessica Swan, Dr. Rajdeep Multani, and Dr. Sheena Wong.

*It is important to note that most of our veterinarians are independent contractors and may work at different facilities as well as ours within Ontario.

Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT)

Joan RVT/Hospital Manager started working with us since the hospital opened in 2011. She started working in the veterinary industry over 15 years ago while completing her BSc in biochemistry at Trent University. She then went on to complete her technician training at Ridgetown College/University of Guelph. After working for many years as a technician for small animal practices and laboratory animal research she found her biggest interest lay in emergency veterinary medicine, cytology and teaching. While continuing in the veterinary world she completed a graduate degree in diagnostic cytology at The Michener Institute/University of Toronto and worked in the human world at UHN in Toronto. Following her passion for animals, she now uses those skills in our in-house laboratory. She is actively involved with welcoming students in this industry into the hospital to advance their skills. Outside of work, Joan spends her time with her two children, her husband, and her dog and cat. She enjoys dragon boating throughout the summer and does a variety of arts and crafts.


Dawn RVT graduated from Ridgetown College in 2007. She went straight into emergency medicine at an emergency and referral hospital after school. She has always had an interest in the fast pace and variety of cases seen in ER medicine. She started out with the VEHWT when it opened in 2011 and has continued with our team ever since! Dawn has always been involved with teaching and training less experienced staff. She has a dog named Jackson and a cat named Meow at home. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and antiquing. Her goal is to further her education by completing a university degree part time.

Kelly RVT started working at VEHWT when we opened our doors in 2011. She graduated from University of Guelph with a BSc in Zoology and Ecology, then continued her education at Seneca college to acquire her RVT in 2007. She has worked at a variety of Emergency hospitals in the GTA and currently works as a traveling technician for a mobile veterinary surgeon during the week and joins us on the weekends. Her skills in surgery and anesthesia are impeccable and you can often find her in our surgical suite during her shifts. Kelly is one of our senior technicians, and is actively involved in our training program. In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking and a variety of sports. She is also our staff pet sitter, welcoming staff pets into her home when our staff need a bit of help.

Kelly pic

Nicole RVT started working at the VEHWT in 2014 after completing her externship with us for school. She had been working in the field since 2003, and decided to become a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2014. She has been part of our family ever since. Being one of our senior technicians, Nicole is passing on her knowledge to newer technicians and students. Nicole is actively involved with not only client and animal care, but also is actively involved with the other important operations such as maintaining our medical logs, inventory and is part of our Joint Health and Safety Committee. In her down time, she enjoys cuddling her two cats, bunny, Boxer and Chinese Crested Powder Puff. Her hobbies include hiking, reading and a variety of crafts.

Julie RVT

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Jeff Pic

Jeff RVT graduated from Sheridan College as a Veterinary Technician in 2018. He was presented with the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association's Veterinary Technician Award for above average standing with an emphasis on clinical practice. We were very lucky that he joined our team immediately afterward. Jeff is a very caring individual who chose this profession because he likes helping pets and people when they need it most. He treats his patients as though they are his own pets. He is a Jack Russell Terrier fan and has two at home named Nala and Peppers along with his cat Caesar. In his free time he plays guitar, collects cars, spends time with family and enjoys movies.

Kathleen RVT began her vet tech career at VEHWT in 2019 after graduating from Sheridan College. She was particularly interested in emergency medicine due to its fast pace and her interest in helping very sick animals get better and go home to their families. She has two cats, two geckos and one bearded dragon at home. She enjoys rock climbing and a variety of crafts in her spare time.

Kathleen Profile

Lynne RVT

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Dawn RVT started working at VEHWT part time in 2018. Her full time job is at the Toronto Zoo where she works as an RVT as well. Dawn graduated from University of Guelph with a BSc in biology in 2000 and then went on to complete her Veterinary Technician degree at St. Lawrence College in 2007. Being one of our more experienced technicians, she is involved with training our less experienced staff. She gained this teaching experience through courses in wildlife and exotics that she taught in the past. She continues to work with us to maintain her skills with more common animals which she also loves. She has a cat named Mutant at home and two snakes. In her free time, she enjoys volleyball and kayaking.


Amy Lee RVT

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Client Service Representatives and Animal Care Attendants

Amanda ACA joined the VEHWT in 2016. She is an eternal student, always interested in learning something new. Amanda graduated from Fanshawe College in 2010 with a degree in fine art. She has done numerous courses in marine biology, exotics and pharmacy over the years. She is currently working toward her Veterinary Technician degree through Penn Foster College and will be receiving her hands on training with us shortly. She enjoys ER medicine because of the variety of cases and the fast paced environment. At home, she has a dog named Nova and a green cheek conure named Paco. Her hobbies include: archery, Kendo, astronomy and she raises Monarch butterflies in the summer.

Amanda pic
Taylor Pic

Taylor ACA started working at VEHWT in August 2019. They completed a medical office certificate with Fleming College in 2017. Their previous work experience includes over 14 years of life-guarding, swim and first aid instruction, customer service, and program planning. When they aren't working or sleeping, they can be found making jewelry, writing fiction, or watching way too much TV. Whenever they get a chance, Taylor loves to spend time with the dogs in their family. One day, they hope to rescue their own pup!

Aga ACA Started working at VEHWT in 2014 and has continued with us on a part time basis. She has an extensive education, beginning with a degree from University of Toronto in biology and zoology. She then went on to become a Chemical Laboratory Technician in 2013 through Seneca College, followed by completing the Biotechnology program at Centennial College in 2018. Aga has a gentle soul and is one of our staff that always takes time to give the pets a little bit of extra love. She has one dog and five cats. In her spare time, she enjoys bringing her dog on hikes and to the off-leash parks.

Steph pic

Stephanie ACA joined VEHWT in 2020 after working as an ACA since 2018 at another practice. She attended Ryerson University for Environmental and Urban Sustainability and played on the Ryerson women's hockey team for five years. Stephanie decided to follow a career in veterinary medicine and has almost completed her Veterinary Technician Degree from Penn Foster. She will be done in just a few short months. Stephanie likes ER because she can constantly learn new things. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs and fishing.

Fruzsina ACA started officially working at VEHWT in 2019, but volunteered with us for some time while completing high school. She just knew that emergency veterinary medicine and helping animals was the right path for her. She is a quiet, yet very hard working and determined person. Fuzsina is currently working towards becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician through Penn State. She is also receiving hands on training within our facility with some of our senior technicians. She has a cat and a dog at home and enjoys art in her free time.

Fruzsina pic
Ilia pic

Ilia ACA started working at VEHWT after graduating from Sheridan College as an Animal Care Assistant in 2020. She enjoys emergency medicine because of the fast pace and that there is always something new to learn and see everyday. At home Ilia spends time with her Boxer Batto and Cockapoo Puppet. She loves to bake and cook. Ilia's goal is to continue her education to become a Veterinary Technician.

Uyen ACA just started with us at VEHWT and was an immediate fit to our family with her soft spot for the furry creatures we care for. For the last six years Uyen has worked as an esthetician and obtained her diploma as a Veterinary Assistant from Seneca College in 2018. She decided to go into ER medicine because of its fast pace and that there are more learning opportunities. At home she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and her dog Baby. Her hobbies include: hiking, travel, reading Manga, event planning and decorating.

Uyen oic
Laura Pic

Laura ACA is a recent graduate from York University's honours biology program and a new team member with the VEHWT! Over the last five years, she has actively cared for the welfare of our furry friends, whether that be in small animals clinics or in the wild. With a dedication to learning, especially in the veterinary sciences, she hopes that her experience working at a fast-paced emergency hospital will shape her into a well-rounded wildlife veterinarian in the future. In Laura's spare time, she enjoys exploring new places, reading, and staying active through a multitude of sports, like hockey and softball.

Yuliana ACA started working with animals by volunteering during high school. She then went on to complete her BSc in Animal Biology at the University of Guelph in 2020 all while working part time as an Animal Care Attendant. Yuliana recently joined our team and hopes that working in emergency medicine will equip her with the tools she will need to pursue her goal of becoming a veterinarian. In her spare time, she is always looking for a new book to read, spends time with family, enjoys biking and playing tennis.


Colleen ACA

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